Laser applications in distance and shape measurements


Our laboratory operates in the sector of non-contact dimensional detection based on laser telemetry.

Main topics covered:

Ø  non-contact 2-D and 3-D measurement;

Ø  in-process measurement and control;

Ø  position detection, measurement of flatness, straightness and squareness.




The laboratory aims to research and develop integrated optoelectronics systems to measure distances or to capture  shapes.

The research  focuses on improving the features of traditional metrology techniques such as time of flight or amplitude modulated laser rangefinders.

This is not realized with metrology dedicated technologies, but adopting time-to-digital converter or laser drivers components mainly designed for fast nuclear electronics and photonics technologies.



Several research collaborations with small and medium sized enterprises:


ü  High resolution laser rangefinder for cooperative targets;

ü  Laser-based system for the measurement of position and motion control over long distances (high resolution AVG);

ü  Laser systems for hot measurement of shaped rings in the steel industry;

ü  Laser based system for the compensation of atmospheric refraction errors in optical metrology.