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Highlights AO

09/2013: CNR-IFN has been encharged of the organization of the "Conference on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine, Padova 2015"

03/2012 Science: Editorial Choice: Optically Adapting: 

12/2010: Few-optical-cycle pulses tunable from the visible to the mid-infrared by optical parametric amplifiers, D.Brida, at al has been selected in the 2010 Highlights of Journal of Optics,

01/2011: Nature Photonics Tech Focus on Adaptive Optics Highlights: Ultrabroadband shaping, pag 17

12/2010: Infrared add-on could let standard cameras see cancer, New Scientist, by Kate McAlpine

10/04/2010:  Controlling a deformable mirror with light, from

07/2010:  Light, instead of electrodes, could control deformable mirrors,