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Adaptive optics Lab


dr. Bonora Stefano

dr. Quintavalla Martino


Antonio Vanzo
Paolo Favazza
Edoardo Paris
Mattia Spagnol

Our laboratory develops deformable mirrors and wavefront sensors for several applications: 

  • femtosecond laser focalisation and optical parametric amplifiers compression and shaping, 
  • microscopy 
  • visual optics
  • astronomy
  • industrial high power lasers

In the last decade we developed and supplied to italian and international laser facilities our deformable mirrors to carry out experiments in material science and microscopy. 

Our laboratory patented some solutions for improving and extending the applications of adaptive optics. 

Our technologies include:

  • bimorph deformable mirrors
  • multi actuators adaptive lenses
  • photo controlled deformable mirrors
  • modal deformable mirrors
  • shack hartmann wavefront sensors


Publication list


Deformable Mirrors for High Power lasers

Bimorph piezoelectric deformable mirrors for high power lasers realized in our lab.

Adaptive lenses

Adaptive lens prototypes realized in our lab with 22 mm and 10 mm optical aperture.
The adaptive lenses can generate aberrations up to the 4th order.

Adaptive optics for amateur telescopes

We are experimenting new designs for amateur-AO: by the use of adaptive lenses it is possible to realize extremely compact designs with respect to deformable mirror-based ones.

First experiments with a 90 mm diameter telescope

Recently designed adaptive lens-based prototype AO system for a 300 mm newtonian telescope. 
Ongonig tests...

Optically addressable deformable mirror

In collaboration with CNRS-INLN of Nice 
Optically DM installed in our Lab

Push-Pull DM for pulse shaping installed at Politecnico of Milan with a NIR OPA

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