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HPL Editor’s Choice August 2016: Jan Vanda, Jan Ševčík, Egidijus Pupka, Mindaugas Ščiuka, Andrius Melninkaitis, Martin Divoký, Venkatesan Jambunathan, Stefano Bonora, Václav Škoda, Antonio Lucianetti, Danijela Rostohar, Tomas Mocek and Valdas Sirutkaitis, „Comparative LIDT measurements of optical components for high-energy HiLASE lasers“, High Power Laser Science and Engineering / Volume 4 / 2016 / e11



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Popular articles, interviews, highlights

[9]     Few-optical-cycle pulses tunable from the visible to the mid-infrared by optical parametric amplifiersD.Brida, at al has been selected in the 2010 Highlights of Journal of Optics

[10]  Nature Photonics Tech Focus on Adaptive Optics Highlights: Ultrabroadband shaping, pag 17, January 2011

[11]  Infrared add-on could let standard cameras see cancerNew Scientist, December 2010 by Kate McAlpine

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[16] Alluniversità nasce il trapano dentistico del futuro, 3/05/2004

[17]  Gazzettino di Padova: Il trapano laser ha trovato un compratore, 4/5/2004

[18] AllUniversità di Padova nasce il trapano dentistico del futuro, 3/5/2004


Proceedings, presentations, posters



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