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Our mission

Our laboratory was funded in 2002 with the name of LUXOR (Laboratory for Ultraviolet and X-ray Optical Research) as part of the National Institute for the Physics of the Matter (INFM) with the mission of investigate both basic and applied research, with particular emphasis on the technology transfer to local companies. Today the laboratory belongs to the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology (IFN) which is part of the National Council Research (CNR). The laboratory staff is composed by both IFN and university of Padua researchers. The research funds comes from Italian and European institutes and companies.

Administrative Office CNR-IFN:

via Trasea, 7
35131 Padova
tel: 049 981 6797 - 049 981 7169 - 049 981 6761
fax: 049 77 46 27

Dr. Luca Poletto
tel: 049 981 7786


via Trasea 7
35131 Padova